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I'm excited AF. - MattB - 04-10-2017

At first when I agreed to this podcast, I was like yeah sure, why not. Didn't actually think it would happen. Now I'm about to buy a pro mic... which is pot-committed point. Plus I'd not want to let you all down either.

I've said this a few times but want it on the record - the next four weeks, I'm going to struggle to pull my weight (like Luke taking the stairs) as I have to maintain my focus on my deadline. I'll help out where I can of course.

But once that shit's sorted, I'm excited about havingĀ a project to get stuck into... when I think about all the time I spend idly reading total crap which serves no purpose, I love the idea of reading up on Podcasting. Listening to others for inspiration. Coming up with episode ideas. Doing the marketing and SEO. Thinking of interviewable guests etc.

I hope we manage to make a thing of this :x


RE: I'm excited AF. - Dani - 04-11-2017

Hi excited AF, I'm Dani. Nice to meet you.

It's ok that you're not immediately available 100%, you seem like you genuinely want to give it a go and that gets me motivated. We could really create something awesome here. I think we all want your stupid dissertation out of the way. Mostly for our sake cause you won't shut up about it, but also cause it's a new chapter after that.

I'm keen a bean. Even if you cunts change your mind I'm doing it. Yolo.