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Regrets, I've had a few.. - Dani - 04-14-2017

.. but then again, too few to mention.

What are some regrets you have from your life?

My list:
1. I should have tried harder at school.
2. I should have worked out what I wanted to do earlier.
3. I would have liked to have been nicer to people and less selfish when I was younger.
4. I wish I learned more about my grandparents lives.

RE: Regrets, I've had a few.. - MattB - 04-15-2017

Oh christ why have you done this.

My 1-4 would be the same as yours. Granddad in particular. He used to tell us stories about the war, and I didn't give a fuck because I wanted to watch TV. He died when I was 12 or so. Since I was about 16, 75% of what I've read in terms of books has been military history. I've binge-watched documentaries on WW2. The idea of getting to sit down and listen to his stories now fascinates the shit out of me, and I'm regularly gutted that I'll never have that chance. And now I'm old enough to know that old people are people too, I get upset hoping that he never felt bad that I didn't care. I was a kid. Kids are arseholes. My dad told me the war ruined my granddads life. He was in logistics - spent most of his time driving supplies, bombs, and munitions to the front lines, and driving bodies back out again. He was in montecasino fighting Rommel, amongst many many other places. Stopping there as I'm getting emo about it again...

Also a huge regret is that I didn't start lifting at age 15 or 16. Through puberty, you're absolutely surging full of growth hormones and testosterone - basically natural steroids, hence why so many teenagers explode once they start lifting. So much wasted time.

And as much fun as I had gaming, I under-achieved in my A-levels, went to a much worse uni than I could have, and somehow managed to get a 2.1 but really could have got a 1st if I wasn't lazy.

I also wish I'd never taken up smoking weed. Doing it a handful of times a year on special occasions is fair enough. But I smoked daily for YEARS, and I often wonder if it's contributed to my poor memory and anxiety, or whether that's just inherent within me. Can't have helped along the way though.

And I wish I'd treated my girlfriends better, particularly my first proper one Laura. She was the sweetest, loveliest girl you could ever meet and I was her first bf. I ended up cheating on her at uni (with Mo) and leaving her over the phone. I'm still absolutely ashamed of myself for it; it was disgusting of me and that poor girl's heart broke over the phone. I can still remember with 100% accuracy the sobbing, the begging, the disbelief. I was a fucking disgrace and she deserved so much better. Thankfully she ended up meeting a really nice Irish guy and having two kids with him. I believe they're still together and happy AF, so that's awesome.

Basically my biggest regret is that everything before 25 even happened at all. I know you shouldn't have regrets. People say they achieve nothing, but I disagree. They help me avoid complacency. They remind me to be a better person. Every time I remember and cringe over my past, it makes me hate myself just that little bit more, but encourages me to keep making my life better for me and those I care about. Oh and while we're here, the times we fell out for those long periods were 100% my fault whether you admit it or not. I was an arsehole back then and we both know it.

Man, this escalated quickly. I really should see someone ;D


RE: Regrets, I've had a few.. - Dani - 04-16-2017

It's so sad how all these stories get lost to time. Sounds like he was an awesome bloke mate.

My Grandad was caught by the Germans and put into one of the labour camps. He managed to escape, but then was caught by the Russians just outside the village he was from. He never liked to talk about it and it must have been horrific, but I really wish I got the chance to hear his life story. Luckily one of his close friends is still around and I visit him every time I come to England. Hopefully I can pop in and hear some more stories.

My mid-teens were wasted too, mostly spent playing games and being a hermit. The one good thing to come out of that is the friendships I made with you horrible people.

I think to beat yourself up about this stuff isn't great but like you said, to examine these things and use it to become a better person is awesome. I'm so happy with my life now and all these stupid errors in judgement led me to this point so I have to be grateful for them too.

We're so similar it's eerie ffs.

RE: Regrets, I've had a few.. - osin - 04-16-2017

I regret accepting to participate in this podcast.

Kidding aside, I regret not going the more challenging route and studying some kind of science after high school, instead I went into graphic design just because it was easy and I was good at it, which reinforced my procrastinating tendencies. "Oh, I can shit something decent out last minute." This, in turn, reinforced my general lack of focus and now I'm a bit of an ADHD clusterfuck.

I also regret not taking my Kung Fu training more seriously, unmoderated drinking, being an asshole to my sister, and wasting so much time on the TO forums.

RE: Regrets, I've had a few.. - MattB - 04-17-2017

Meh your sister deserved it.

It's all part of life's rich tapestry. We're doing alright.