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Mind blown. - Dani - 04-14-2017

The chocolate is.. on the bottom?  Are we holding biscuits upside down?  Should we eat them the other way up?  I don't what to believe any more.

RE: Mind blown. - MattB - 04-15-2017

Well, this is bullshit and they're stupid. Here's my unequivocal take-down of their nonsense:

When eating a chocolate digestive, I take my time. I like to make them last a little longer than 2 or 3 quick bites. They're quite calorie-dense, so there's no rush.

The advantage of having the chocolate at the top, is that if for example you're sitting on the sofa, you can be balancing the biscuit on your thumb with slight finger support as required. This of course means that the chocolate doesn't melt. But if I flip the biscuit like these fucking mentalists seem to think I should, it's going to melt like an eskimo in a sauna.


RE: Mind blown. - Dani - 04-16-2017

People talk about Aleppo but this barely gets a mention, it's ridiculous.

RE: Mind blown. - luke - 04-17-2017


RE: Mind blown. - MattB - 04-17-2017

*hits the reset button on Luke's cynicism alarm*

It probably is a marketing stunt, and it's a fucking genius one if so. It's amazing how easy the public are to play. Just say something semi-controversial and watch social media give you millions of pounds of free marketing for a couple of weeks.

RE: Mind blown. - osin - 04-17-2017