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What are you currently watching/binging? - Dani - 04-15-2017

Started 'A Series of Unfortunate Events" recently.  It's pretty good but hasn't really gripped me.  I'll give it a few more episodes.

I need to also give 'Stranger Things' another chance, only seen the first episode.

What about you jerks?

RE: What are you currently watching/binging? - MattB - 04-15-2017

Fuck I loved Stranger Things. You need to stick with it. It just perfectly captured the early 90s vibe of that kind of movie/program. Takes a ton of interesting twists and turns too. Definitely stick with it.

I don't watch much TV any more, but my current washing-up show is rotating between "Scorpion" and "Lock-up: First Timers".

Scorpion is about a team of super-geniuses who end up working for Homeland Security solving crimes. It's incredibly cheesy, abuses poetic licence, and often quite predictable. That said, the characters are extremely likeable and their chemistry very much makes it. It's funny, and sporadically hits you unexpectedly right in the feels. Definitely good light entertainment.

Lock-up a documentary set in some US jail where people are taken while awaiting trial. It's pretty messed up when you realise they'll lock up an 18yr old arrested for trespassing in an abandoned building and spraying some graffiti, in a facility with seasoned murderers, rapists, drug-dealers, gangsters etc. You can be in there 12-24 months while not even convicted - just held on suspicion. Plus it's full of the mentally ill, because of cut-backs to mental healthcare facilities over the last few decades, which is also incredibly fucked up. People who should be getting professional help and medication, just locked up with ordinary criminals. Fascinates me.

Aside from that, my 'just one before bed - ok maybe two' show is X Files still. 2/3 through series 2 now o//


RE: What are you currently watching/binging? - osin - 04-16-2017

I'm on a general sci-fi binge. Watched Blade Runner last week, Ghost in the Shell last night (originals)